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Okumasan is professional clean service for airbnb host and their guests.

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Why Use Okumasan

More than 500 happy hosts are using Okumasan around the Tokyo

SHQ CleaningService

With experienced cleaning staff for 2000 rooms, completing with high-quality, high-efficiency and high-standar cleaning service, and member’s satisfaction is up to 95%.

The most attractive cleaning price

With higher than 95% of member’s satisfaction, Okumasan Cleaning provides a lowest cost but highest return for host. A minimum price of ¥2850 per time and¥1000 for daily comsumptions per month, it is 15% lower than others.

Professional apt. management

To ensure the host without any worries, Okumasan Cleaning provides extra service includes key delivery, utilities(water, electric & gas), bedding insur-ance plan, trash pick-up, bed repairing, changing tatami, AC cleaning, fridge defrosting, etc.

Rare ability of dealing emergencies

With experienced offline staffwho are proficient in Chinese, English & Japa-nese all over Tokyo they are able to arrive ASAP to deal with the emergen-cies, such as urgent delivering of keys & spares, communicating or comforting the guests.

If you are finding a company to hands of listings in Tokyo, and distributing our offline business to differekuamasan is the most satisficing service I ever met, I trust them and made them as our official partner! You can now see his logo in our company website.

Derrick Funkey CEO

The most amazing thing is okumasan always handle the emergency well. There is one time I got a call at midnight from my guest, who lost the key to bnbin Roppongi’s bar, okumasan sent his staff nearby to pass the key. They get shit done and satisfied me and guest, 5 stars reviews got.

Echo BNB Host

This is my second experience with the Okumasan (I switched to another company and come back) and their quality cleanings are consistently amazing in every aspect a professional service can be. I will definitely continue to use them for future cleanings.

Brent BNB Host

Make your airbnb easy and clean, start today!

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The cleaner will carefully clean the bedroom, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, and the floor, as well as to confirm the daily consumptions and deal with the trash.
Okumasan provide all kinds of offline service. Our extra services will include key delivery, bed repairing, tatami change, and some other fix services.
If you need us to prepare for you, just 4500 JPY for the basics.
You will enjoy a special price for each cleaning service as a VIP host. And, for the first cleaning, we will provide a comprehensive cleaning servicefree of charge. More than that, recommending new members can also receive recommended points, offset the monthly cleaning costs.

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